Kally forgot to wash a few pairs of socks I wore during the week so today she will be humiliated, in addition to sniffing and licking foot odor and nylon, she will be displayed in the family group and to friends, I will send photos and videos for them showing Kally’s place in My house, yes she was born to be My slave and everyone will know that today, this will be her punishment for being incompetent.

I wore these nylons for 1 month, unwashed, purposely to punish Kally, can you imagine the smell and taste? I’m sure you’ll be able to see her face every time I shove My feet into her nose and mouth! haha

I smell the sour smell from afar as she removed the stinky shoes from My feet. That’s what this foot odor snort deserves.

My red nail polish looks so sexy under these socks.

Что будем искать? Например,MISTRESS

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