Princess Alexandria is in a fun mood and decides to bound and torment one of her betas. She tells it to worship her heels and feet while she attaches some clamps onto its nipples hahaha. Princess Alexandria keeps this beta on a short leash, pulling on it while digging her toes deeper into its throat!

Even her heels are used to inflict more pain on to this tiny beta male (the spikes are PERFECT for pricking lol) Bound and on the ground, this beta has no choice but to endure any and all pain Princess Alexandria wants to give.

The more it groans in agony, the bigger her smile gets… letting out giggles from time to time. She loves getting her feet worshiped, especially when the loser gags on them!

In and out Princess Alexandrias pretty pedicured toes go into its mouth and then SMOTHER its face! She doesn’t forget to remind this loser that it is a BETA male! (Cause no real alpha would do this! Hahahahaha) Princess Alexandria is in TOTAL control. This beta does as it’s told and gets punished when it doesn’t. Either way it’s getting exactly what it deserves… PAIN! Lol

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